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Jaxson Pohlman is a full-time traveling photographer and videographer, well-known for his striking astrophotography and surreal landscape photography. Born and raised in Wichita, Kansas, he began photographing the Milky Way at age 22 which eventually led to a passion that motivated him to chase a dream of traveling and capturing beautiful scenes as a career. Now at age 25, Jaxson’s Instagram page has become a popular and collective place for space lovers and dreamers to connect and share their thoughts as well as enjoy his photos, videos, and other visual content. Not only does Jaxson use photography to share his own stories, but to shape and create unique stories for the brands he works with as well. Jaxson specializes in a variety of forms: lifestyle, landscape, portrait, product and travel photography/videography: all developed to create a narrative tailored to a brands specific needs. In the last three years, Jaxson has become a leading voice in astrophotography and surreal landscape photography, landing himself official sponsorships with Adobe, Trap Nation, Skillshare, Zedge, Meade Instruments, Optcorp, Darkroom, and more.


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