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I'm a yoga practitioner and teacher, 500 RYT based in the Quad Cities, IL & IA. I'm social media influencer with an organic and authentic following. 

As a yoga teacher and practitioner I collaborate with activewear, yoga, and health & wellness brands to create content to influence my followers. I have been practicing yoga for 10 years and bring a depth of knowledge about the practice and the benefits to my students and those who interact with me. As a teacher I am able to not only present beautiful content, but a passion for the practice which draws people to me. 

Together, Wade @intrepid_daily & I are a power team, we are both history buffs with Master's degrees & love to tell stories about our adventures through images, videos, and written content. We have collaborated with gear brands, travel & tourism organizations, & always looking for new opportunities. We love to camp, hike, explore, bike, and see the world. And we love to take our followers along for our adventures sharing the history of the places we visit. 

I love to share my life, the good and the challenging and allow my followers & students to experience my life as I live it. 

And I can't wait to share your story with them too! 


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