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What started as just a playful foray into social media 7-years ago blossomed into a 5-business social media empire under the title of PrincessCandyEmpire today. Founded by Dr. Allegra Alexandra Powell MD, PrincessCandyEmpire made her social media debut on Twitter as @llvvzz. Passionate about tweeting entertaining, funny, and graphics-based Tweets quickly built up a social media momentum that launched the doctor onto every other social media platform in existence. 

One of Dr. Powell’s very first PrincessCandyEmpire Tweetmates projects was to make a Tweetmates Calendar for The American Cancer Society in 2012 and 2014. Following that, Dr. Powell’s naturally funny social media presence and curated 140-character sassy Tweets scored her mentions on eCards, humor sites, and other social media platforms growing at the time. Naturally, Dr. Powell looked to Instagram as her next social media target. Rebranding PrincessCandyEmpire on Instagram, she opened an account under: Candy Rehab. 

Candy Rehab: A PrincessCandyEmpire sub-brand 

Under the Candy Rehab sub-brand label, Dr. Powell launched a business Facebook page, a Twitter, and four different Instagram accounts. The sub-brand takes PrincessCandyEmpire’s vision one-step farther by sharing unique sayings, phrases, and zingers with social account followers. Candy Rehab is what solidified the PrincessCandyEmpire as a dominant social media empire today. 

Sway Elite International 

In order for an empire to remain stable, it needs to keep growing. Dr. Powell is in the works of launching Sway Elite International, a social media influencing company. Under the Sway Elite brand, companies and individuals will receive support and guidance in building their brands, developing social content, and collaborating with industry influencers that can bring them extended exposure. 

The Social Media Empire 

Today, the PrincessCandyEmpire vision includes 5-businesses, 35-million viewers and followers, and Google verification across all sites. Dr. Powell plans to keep growing the empire through her various brands and newfound Sway Elite International. 

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