I eat what I want, when I want; then I Run.It.Off! 

Welcome to my food and fitness lifestyle. I do not believe in limiting myself, but in pushing my limits. Thanks to my love for food and fitness, I develop Run.It.Off in 2015 while living and running in New York City. 
Still today, I continue to race in local and national races! I am always up for trying new fitness trends, whether it is a fitness clothing line or new training product. Along with my running, I am always on the lookout for an opportunity to dine at new or exotic restaurants and for creative recipes to incorporate into my weekly meal preparations. No matter what the event or the product, you can always count on an honest review from my own personal experience. 

I have ran 6 marathons to date: 

1st Marathon: Las Vegas Rock'N'Roll 2014 
2nd: New York City 2015 
3rd: Boston 2016 
4th: San Diego  2016 
5th: Chicago 2016 
6th: Disney World Marathon (Part of the Dopey Challenge) 2017 

My personal records include: 

‚Äč5k: 20:04 
10k: 45:26 
Half Marathon: 1:34:48 
Marathon: 3:15:31