Hi there! My name is Monica Lam and full-time I am a paralegal and part-time I model and provide services to brands such as you. I have done a variety of different photo shoots such as commercial, lifestyle, high fashion, casual, and etc. 

For a very long time I grew tired of my full-time job and wanted to venture out into a different field of work. One day, a friend suggested that I should get into modeling and somehow I had a knack for it. Since then I have been building my brand and following. I began with being a brand ambassador for local car shows and built a following from there. Eventually local businesses and large brand names took notice in me and gave me the opportunity to work with them. Thus far I have worked with the NBA, It Cosmetics, Lancome, Becca Cosmetics, HairDo, QVC, Sleek Makeup, Patchology, and others. 


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