With a passion for the mental space of the millennial woman, Christian "SupaDupahChris" Sardis is sharing her desire to love the worn down, underappreciated, overlooked mother and wife. From having a degree in Public Relations to working a corporate job to being a stay at home homeschooling mother and wife, Christian has the ability to communicate to the millennial woman at the level that resonates with them. "Supa" has the passion for tapping into the mindset of the millennial woman and tackling issues that concern them including inadequacy, family-work balance, business building, social media comparisons and more. A relationship with Jesus Christ is the pillar of Christians purpose and the drive behind her platform. Sardis is the foundation of her YouTube channel, titled, "All These Things TV with SupaDupahChris. This platform is geared toward Motivation and Inspiration for the Millennial Mother and Wife. She shares blog posts and videos with mini bible studies, reviews and how-to. Each day she prays that by living the life she lives as an example for the millennial woman, will encourage and inspire many to love God, remember themselves and love the world around them.