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Date: 25-06-2019


social media marketing trick 2019

These days most of the businesses are coming online, but the majority of them doesn’t know any social media marketing tricks. Therefore they are not getting results according to the expectations. But in this article, I will share with you some simple social media marketing tricks that anyone can follow and can see improvements.

1.  Decide your platform For Social media marketing

If you are planning your social media strategy then decide which social media will benefit you the most. You should always use two or three social media and from these social media, you should choose only one to update your posts at a regular interval. Don’t focus on too many social media platforms. Always remember to give preference to quality over quantity.

Many marketers from the beginning of their campaigns do this mistake and after some time they realize that they are not able to handle all the social media.

The best way to find the right social media is to analyze accounts of influencers and see on which social media they are most successful on.

Like, find out the influencer and leaders of your niche and check their social media profiles.

If these leaders are more popular on Instagram than Twitter then Instagram is the right place for you to do your social media marketing at.

By using this simple tip there are more chances that you will get results in a short time period. This will also save you from wasting your time in the wrong place. Hence in this way, you will be able to show better results to your client.

2. Increase Engagement on Social media marketing platforms

Post on social media is just not sufficient. Many people say that they are posting regularly on social media but their audience is not engaged to the posts. You have to customize your content according to your audience’s behavior. You can look for the analytics of your accounts and find which demographic is giving you more business so that from next time you can target them. Also, always keep in mind that while making a strategy or starting a new business you should always trust the stats only.

A strategy can’t be planned without stats. Collecting stats are very easy today. You can use various marketing tools to collect the stats and plan your strategy according to those stats.

For example, if your audience is from a special kind of demographic or lets if they speak a particular language then you should alter your content according to them.

You can also use interesting info-graphics as info-graphics are more engaging and attractive. Info-graphics are the best to boost your traffic online.

Without understanding your audience you can’t make any strategy work for you.

3. Analyze and stand out from the competition 

So now you have identified your audience, what you should do to stand out from the competition in the market? So here are some way to stand out from your competition.

First of all, you should analyze your competitors and their strategy. You should look at what they are providing to their audience. After this, look what better you can provide them.

Experts also say that if you have a good budget then the easiest way to stand out is to blast out the product information through promotions. But this strategy is only good for a big business not for small ones.

But the above strategy can help you get the investors. An investor always sees how rapidly you are expanding your business.

Some marketers also say that adding some value to your product can also highlight in your niche.

For example, if you sell T-Shirts online then you can add some value to your product and services by sending some keychains to your customer at the time of delivery for free. This will make your customer feel special.

4. Join the community of your kind

Social media marketing is such a field where learning never stops. If you want to learn new things and want to know what is going in your industry, then you should be connected with marketers like you. If you see a social media marketer who always makes great marketing strategies then trust me there is a lot of experience which he/she gained over time.

 You can read their blogs, follow them on their social media channels. Every time they provide you new and unique information and if you have the latest knowledge of your field then you can deliver the best to your clients.

You can also comment on their post on the other’s post and share their content. Because everyone loves free backlink then you will be noticed by the author easily. After some time you can also ask them to share your post

5. Social media marketing develops Brand Personality

Making your brand’s personality is also one of the important points of the social media marketing strategy. Your audience should always feel a personal connection to your posts.

Your audience should never feel that they are in conversation with a robot. If they feel that they are talking to a real person then you will get more engagement to your post.

Here comes the role of content marketing. You should be clever with your content. Many people think that if they own a small business food products how can content marketing help them.

There are many examples of the companies whom you can analyze and make your own strategy.

For example, Coke’s “Share a coke campaign” is campaign coke collected some of the most popular names in Australia and printed them on the side of the bottle. Here coke didn’t use any online data or analytics but they used the most important thing to a human i.e. his/her name. In this way, coke is able to establish a connection with their customers.

Keeping your customers first always keeps you ahead from your competitors. For this the best example is of ahref, ahref is a leading SEO tool company. People wanted ahref to provide a free backlink checker tool. Knowing about people’s demand ahref introduced their free backlink checker tool.

6. Do a Social media marketing audit

After applying all these strategies the last thing to do is to do a social media audit. Social media audit is like any other audit. Like in every audit you check what is working for you and what is not, similarly in social media audit you check your strategy and their outcomes.

It is must do practice at a regular interval usually after a week or two. By doing audit you can plan your social media marketing strategy with more effectiveness. Every social media marketer do this

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