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Date: 25-07-2019


how to become an Influencer

Become an Influencer

If you want to become an influencer and want to make something out of it then you are in the right place. These days influencer marketing plays a vital role in the market. People trust social media influencers more than any celebrity. People search for videos and blog on social media with terms like best mobile phone, best beauty eyelashes or anything else, before buying that product they do comprehensive research on that product.

Most of the time we buy the product which is recommended by a trusted influencer online. Being an influencer is like being your own boss. These days influencer is one of the dream jobs for many, but being an influencer is never easy. It is not easy to make a perfect strategy or to choose your niche. Here we tell you to step by step process to become an influencer.

Choose a Niche suitable to become an influencer

One of the first steps towards becoming a successful influencer is to choose a niche. You should always choose a niche about which you have a full or a decent amount of knowledge.

Because you will be sharing your knowledge on that niche and people will decide that if your knowledge up to date or out of date and if you are sharing outdated information then people are not going to follow you. So it is very important to have knowledge of your niche also you will be answering your audience’s question on that niche.

Choose a social media platform to become an influencer

Next step to becoming an influencer is to choose the right social media platform according to your niche. Choosing the right social media platform is important because you can’t find the audience on every social media interested in your niche.

Choose a social media platform to become an influencer

For example, you can’t target Linkedin if your niche is related to beauty or fitness, you should go to Instagram for such niche likewise you go on Instagram if you want to pitch business executives.

For choosing a perfect niche first of all you analyze the nature of every social media. But the best way to find a perfect social media is to analyze the influencer of your niche that what social media they are using and you can also use the same social media.

Content is key

Now comes the most important point that you must consider. Content is key for every influencer you must provide original and unique content for your followers. You can share the content of other influencers of your niche by giving them credits. By this you later you can easily reach out to them ask them to share your content.

Content is key

You should also keep in mind that while sharing your content with your curated content you should also share some content related to your personal life. Sharing your personal life with your audience makes them relate to you. And the influencer with whom their audience can relate with have a great impact on their thinking and influences them.

Content scarcity

While creating content people face problem to create unique content ideas every time, for this an influencer should always observe his surroundings and people. Besides this, you can also take the ideas from Google also.

Sharing our content

So now you have content and you are ready to share it. But with a perfect strategy, you can reach your audience even if your content is up to the mark.

Every social media you have to analyze that on what time most of your audience is active because for every social media that time is different.

Time suitable to share the post on different social media can be understood by the info-graphic given below:-

social media timesheet.

Also, there are different guidelines on every social media so while sharing your content you should also keep in mind those guidelines and make your content according to them.

Engage your followers

Every time you share your post, you should always ask your users to comment. Now the question comes how we can make the comment or like, the simplest way to that is to ask some questions and ask your followers to answer them. Many influencers set targets for likes or comments for their audience and if the target is completed they do some give away. It can also be a way to engage your audience.

Besides you can also go live on your social media profiles to increase the engagement of your followers.


If you want to be an influencer then you have to be consistent with your social media post. You have to build a cycle for your social media post and stick to that only. Suppose if have a target of daily updating your social media then you should maintain that.

There are some people who in the beginning are very active on their social media to gain followers but with time they become less active. Such people and not trusted by their followers and gradually people unfollow them.

I hope this article will help in your journey to becoming an influencer. These were some key points on which everyone should focus if they want to make their career in this industry.

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