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Date: 25-07-2019


develop a million dollar influencer marketing strategy - influencer on demand

Influencer Marketing Strategy: when you start a business you first think about how you can reach your target audience with meaningful content.

In today's competitive time, advertising your business on its own is not enough to reach your audience. You need to build trust with the consumers and establish yourself as the top choices in your field or niche. You can achieve this with two actions: good content marketing and collaborating with top influencers in your niche.

Here is the blog telling you how you can develop an Influencer Marketing Strategy in 5 steps.

1)    Determine Your Goals

The first step of creating an Influencer Marketing Strategy is deciding your goal that is what do you want to achieve with your Influencer marketing campaigns. Suppose you want a new audience for your brand, or you want to build awareness and gain trust with your targeted audience or any other goal. Invest your time in considering your business goal in order to create objectives that support your goals. Keep in mind that your goal needs to be

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Time-bound

As you can see above, the essential elements of a good goal are that it should be measurable and specific.

2) Choosing the right Influencer

Analytics - How to Develop a Million Dollar Influencer Marketing Strategy in 5 Steps (1)

After you decide what you want to achieve, the next step is to find and choosing the right influencer which helps you in achieving your goal. This is an essential requirement for developing the Influencer Marketing Strategy.

There is a number of Social Influencers that are present depending on their classification like Audience size, type of influencing. But it is not about how many followers they have?  How famous they are? or anything similar.

The important factor is to understand that how much engagement they are gaining with their audience. While making the right choice, make sure to check:

·What are the topics the influencer covers?

Check for the relevancy of your target audience and their topic. Use a content research/influencer marketing tool that gives you look up influencers and see what links they have shared in the past. This helps give you a better idea of the content they like, the topics they’re involved in, and their audience engagements.

·Who forms their audience?

Whether the audience is similar to your targeted audience or not.

·How engaged is their audience?

View the relationship between the influencer and the audience. A good influencer is one that has very engaged followers. An authentic influencer is one that has a very engaged audience (one that shares their content, leaves comments constantly, and so on) – that is much more important than the number of their fans. To help you find influencers, you can use all kinds of tools – like Social Bond, Upfluence, etc.


3) Connect with Influencers

After choosing the right influencer the next step in developing the Influencer Marketing Strategy is connecting to the influencer. There are different ways to connect with influencers.

You can directly contact them via email and ask them for collaboration. Follow them on their social media accounts and build a relationship. Once you connected with the influencer now you have to build the right Campaign.  For this, you need to refer back to your goal. What you want to achieve Such as

More Brand Awareness: Get influencer to review your product on their channels and content.

Increased sales: Create discounts, offers, and codes and promote them on influencer's page.

Improve trust and reputation: Turn your influencer into brand ambassadors, send your products as a gift. Rather than this discuss with them about your goal, what you want to achieve and make a campaign with their help because they know their audience.

Let them be creative because their creativity helps your campaign to achieve the goal. Do not control them. 

4) Track and Optimize

Analytics - How to Develop a Million Dollar Influencer Marketing Strategy in 5 Steps

The next step in developing the Influencer Marketing Strategy is to track your campaign, how it is going. Monitor it and optimize the campaign accordingly. Keep an eye out for any mistake in the campaign, either posting or grammatical and if find, immediately remove them.

Analyze the social posts that are working well getting more engagement, pay to boost them to get the best results. Change call to actions if they won't work.

5) Measure your ROI 

Earlier when we discuss the goals, we also talked about measuring the goals and the importance of measuring the goal. That is because you want to demonstrate ROI. This is the last step of developing the Influencer Marketing Strategy.

So, use the KPI's outlined when you established the goals, measure the success of your campaign.


As you saw above, there are 5 important steps that help you in developing a good Influencer Marketing Strategy:

  • Determine your goals and your KPI's to measure your results.
  • Choosing the right social media Influencer to collaborate with.
  • Tracking and optimizing your created campaign as it goes ahead.
  • Measuring your results and the ROI of your Influencer Marketing campaign.

Implement these steps for developing a good Influencer Marketing Strategy. Hope it will help you in to create a good online marketing strategy.


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